Paintings are finished products.

Framed. Hung.

Paintings are objects waiting to be seen. Paintings imply visibility. Visions. Visionaries.

Paintings are quickly exhausted prophecies.

A work of art must physically exist somewhere. There paintings are about space--the space in which they are created, the space which surrounds them, the space which they invade, change and mutate. A space on a wall is no longer a space when a painting is hung on it. A painting transforms space into place.


I stopped painting when I became a commuter. Grosseto-Milano every week. For work. For survival. I couldn't take my studio with me so I began dragging along a portable computer.


I use to paint. But I stopped painting when I started moving.

Painting needs place. Paintings are painted within given spaces. Paintings need space to be painted. To paint you must be geogrpahically fixed. Therefore paintings are static. And statically made.

On the road.

In the evenings, in my hotel room, I'd move my mouse. I'd move the mouse and disrupt the silence of the computer's screen. I'd draw. But the drawing, my drawing, was there--inside the computer. Memorized yet trapped. And I couldn't get the drawing out until I was back in my studio, with the printer. Until it was printed, the drawing I'd made couldn't belong to me.

Hand held.

Hand held art.


Drawings are different than paintings. Paintings are finished products. But drawings imply something not complete. Something that exists only to provide an indication.

Drawings are not objects. They're ideas. Suggestions.

Drawings are instantaneous.

Drawings reveal the process of their own making. Naked technique. Paintings, instead, disguise their formation. Paintings are drawings dressed in pigment. Fully clothed.

Paintings are materially made. Drawings are concepts on paper.

Drawing is a form of calligraphy.

Drawing is iconographically writing down an idea.

Drawing is a way of seeing.

Drawing is sketching an idea. Momentary yet permanet.

I draw what I see outside of me. But I also draw what I see inside of me.

Drawing is a way of thinking.